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Green Tea

Loose leaf

Weight : 125 g | Dimension : 68 x 140 mm

The best of both worlds

Gunpowder Green and Chun Mee are the two varieties of Chinese green tea customarily used by Moroccans to prepare their traditional mint tea.

Some prefer the character and pronounced flavor of Gunpowder Green where as others favor the rounded, delicate flavors of Chun Mee.

I have chosen the best of both these varieties and offer you a special blend that has been carefully developed. It combines perfectly with mint to give a delicious, balanced brew with pronounced yet subtle flavors.

Ingredients: Gunpowder green tea, Chun Mee green tea.

Healthy ingredients nobly selected, organically grown and guaranteed free of pesticides, insecticides or other chemicals. They have passed a series of tests (botanical, organoleptic, pesticidal, microbiological….) to conform with International standards of food control.

BBD (Best Before Date) Minimum on delivery : 12 months

Store in a dry place / Reseal well after each use.

Choumicha Nature S.A.R.L.
Products packed by SITI S.A.: 89-89 bis, Quartier Industriel Azli – Marrakech – Morocco.
Registered company: ISO 9001 version 2008 - ISO 22000 - IFS

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